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Paper Savings Bonds are hard to find! May 18, 2015 PM Subscribe. Remember when you could walk into a bank and purchase a Series EE savings bond? If you use some of your tax refund to buy a savings bond, you can get the savings instrument as an actual, old-school piece of paper. Now you can buy U. S. Series I Savings Bonds for anyone with your tax refund. Buy U. S. Buying savings bonds with your. Register Paper bonds in.

The New Rules for <strong>Buying</strong> and Giving U. S. <strong>Savings</strong> <strong>Bonds</strong> - Next.

Buying a paper savings bond:
Feb 12, 2013. Uncle Sam is pitching savings bonds as a good place to sock your tax. want to consider buying paper Series I savings bonds with their refund. The New Rules for Buying and Giving U. S. Savings Bonds The purchasing process has changed dramatiy. This is the only way left to purchase paper Savings Bonds. Please Note Crest Savings Bank will continue to redeem your paper bonds, however new sales will need to be placed through TreasuryDirect®. To purchase.

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In 2010, a new Tax Time Bond Program was introduced making it possible for tax filers to purchase paper Series I savings bonds with their tax refunds. Jul 1, 2014. Then in 2012, the government stopped issuing paper savings bonds. a time of soaring interest rates - to make purchase more attractive.

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    EE Savings BondsBuying Series EE Savings Bonds;. EE bonds in paper form. Who may own an EE bond. on how to buy a gift savings bond In. Sep 3, 2013. There's one exception You can still get a paper bond at tax time if you. If you want to buy a savings bond as a gift, the process is even more.
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